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What Is A Rolling Tray Used For?

What Is A Rolling Tray Used For?

A rolling tray is used by those that smoke cannabis. Whether you do it for recreational purposes or medicinal benefits, if you smoke weed, you need a tray. 

Let’s face it, weed can be expensive, and wasting it is not an option for most people. It’s always best to have a tray to keep your stash on, along with the preparation supplies and papers, small pipes, or portable vaporizers.

Choosing A Rolling Tray

What kind of rolling tray you use can be determined by the things you are going to use it for. Most of the time when you buy cannabis, it is in flower bud form and will need to be chopped so it will burn correctly. 

No one likes to try to roll a joint with weed that is lumpy and uneven. Even if you use a pipe or other device like a dry herb vaporizer, you still need that flat clean surface to prep your weed.

You want to pick a rolling tray that is easy to clean. It also never hurts for your rolling tray to be attractive to the eye. Rolling trays, like pipes, bongs or vaporizers can make for a good conversation piece when and if you have friends over. 

It might not seem like that big of a deal, but you do want to choose a tray that is right for you!

Different Types Of Rolling Trays

If you are only looking to purchase an inexpensive rolling tray, you can always go with a cheap plastic one. However, there are lots of other options if you want it to be a little fancier. 

More expensive rolling trays can be made from other materials like silicone or metal. There are also a variety of wooden trays made from cedar, bamboo, and oak.

If you plan to leave your rolling tray on display you want a tray that suits your style. These days a lot of people do display their trays if they live in a state where smoking weed has been legalized, there is no need to hide it. 

You might choose a tray that looks nice on your coffee table. Trays come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

The Coolest Rolling Trays

The biggest trend in rolling trays today are the ones that have different compartments that keep your rolling supplies in special compartments. 

You need a place to keep your grinder or scissors if you use those to cut up your weed. There can be a slot for your rolling papers and lighter if you smoke joints. 

Some trays may have removable containers that you can keep your weed in or the containers might be used for other things.

Try A Rolling Tray Kit

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to get everything you need for something all in one place at one time. That can be true for rolling trays as well. 

You can order a rolling tray kit online or perhaps find one at your local weed store or head shop. 

How much you pay for one of these kits depends on how much you want to spend plus many other factors such as style, size, what it’s made of, craftsmanship, and if it’s part of a larget kit.

Generally, the more you spend on a rolling tray kit, the more supplies it will come with. Kits can include the tray of course, but other items like papers, a rolling machine, a grinder, hydro stones, storage containers, and maybe even a traveling case. 

These kits are great for those that are new to smoking cannabis or even for old pros that already know what they need.

Customized Rolling Trays

Buying a rolling tray kit is a good thing, but if you are a picky person that takes your supplies very seriously, then getting a customized rolling tray is an even better idea. 

When you shop online, you can find stores that offer things like print designs. The prints can be added to a custom tray. You can choose from one of their designs or submit a paper design or picture of your own. You can add any text of your choosing too.

Other than that you will be able to pick from many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. 

A customized rolling tray that fits your unique personality is a nice thing to invest in. These customized trays can also make a great gift for a family member or friend that uses cannabis too.

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